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Perhaps a remedy to satisfy both groups would be to give each goose an enema before it is sent to play in the park. Or, a cork in the ol' tookus could control the poop expelled too. Maybe give the individual geese a choice of which method it prefers.


Hah. Cathy, I like it.

Although based on what I've read about giving enemas to animals, I'm not volunteering.

Ms. Caroline

I wonder whose job it was to measure the amount of poo expelled per goose per day?


How about diapers for the geese, like they do with horses in cities...but only the cloth kind for environmental reasons. I'm not a fan of killing animals, but I don't think other ideas have merit over the long-term or could address the magnitude of the problem. I guess having lived with an outdoorsman for many years - one who said the overpopulation of certain species was a direct result of humans pushing them into smaller and smaller places - has rubbed off on me. And I don't like stepping in shit either. By the way, everyone needs to stop feeding the geese. That would help matters.


i'm curious how many people made it to your site by googling "how to wipe goose shit off your kids" :)

i'll be in touch next week... i've got a banner thingy to show soon.


The geese are also a hazard to bicyclists. We've had a couple of bike vrs. goose collisions where the bicyclist got pretty banged up (as did the goose.

The geese will usually get out of the way of a car, but I don't think they see the much smaller size of the bikes as a threat.


In today's news... how Hollywood is managing the poop problem from pigeons:


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